10 Tips to Boosting Your Home's Curb Appeal!

Home Improvement

By Jenna Wynand Real Estate


1. Touch up paint on any trim, siding or downspouts

2. Clear your property of any debris to appear clean and tidy- no equipment, trash or clutter sitting outside

3. Clean your roof- Make sure to put moss out on your roof, clear any leaves or tree branches and repair any damaged shingles

4. Mow your lawn, put fresh barkdust down and take care of any weeds. Planting a few flowers and shrubs is also always a great idea! Placing some pots with brightly colored flowers is also a nice touch

5. Power wash and clear off any driveways or walkways

6. Make sure porch lights are all working and clean from cobwebs

7. Repair or replace any fencing that may need fixing

8. Replace old hardware- Update those doorknobs, light fixtures and anything else that may need a little sprucing up

9. Clean and stain any decking or wood that may need preserving

10. Install pavers or yard décor to make it feel like home

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