How To Stage Your Home Like A Pro

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How To Stage Your Home Like A Pro


No two people are perfectly alike. Because of this, people have different opinions and viewpoints. Home staging or rearranging can be super helpful when trying to sell your home! Below are a few tips on what you can do to make your home more appealing! 

1. De-Personalize Your Space
This means taking down family photos and clearing the fridge of any items. 
2. Get Rid of Clutter
By putting things away and tidying up the space, you help buyers visualize the space as their own. 
3. Lighting
Make sure each room has a good amount of light! A dark room is a sad room. 
4. Clean 
You want buyers to feel comfortable in your home. By making the space spotless, people are more likely to enjoy themselves. 
5. Move Furniture 
Move furniture if needed, or possible. Sometimes different layouts can help buyers visualize the space better. 


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