5 Ways- Make Your Yard Picture Perfect Under $100

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5 Ways To Make Your Yard Picture Perfect Under $100

1. Plant flowers or shrubs! Filling your space with greenery will give your home a more lively feel. To start, invest in good soil that you can get for relatively cheap.

 2. Keep your bushes trimmed! This will give your home a beautiful curb appeal!

 3. Pull weeds! If you have plants, you most likely have weeds. For more stubborn weeds, products like RoundUp will do the job. 

 4. Rake-- get those leaves out of  there! Leaves may look pretty for a while, but they will eventually block the sun from the grass, making your situation even worse! 

 5. Most importantly- keep your lawn mowed! On top of this, make sure to keep it watered after you mow, this will keep it green and healthy. 


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